With the increased use of LCD, LED, and plasma tvs, which are being mounted on walls, pillars, and outdoors, many people are burdened with the additional task of hiding unsightly wires.  LCD, LED, and plasma tvs are great for movies, gaming, and connecting your media device because of the picture quality and multiple input types.  These inputs range from HDMI, Ethernet, composite, A/V, and others all coming from multiple sources, often creating an unorganized mess.


We will organize and conceal the wires so your media is seamless and enjoyable.  We have all fought the battle against our wires becoming unmanageable.  To avoid this, spending time planning where your wires connect can make a big difference.  Many of our clients have us run wiring within the wall so connections are hidden and easily managed when changing components: new tv, upgraded stereo, and adding surround sound.


Concealing wires for your home theater is something we can help with as well.  Your projector and screen should be the only thing people see attached to your ceiling.  An unsightly twist of wires will detract from a professional and clean look.  Call or contact us today to schedule your free estimate.



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