Proper entertainment seating should be comfortable, supportive, and long lasting.  While in your home theater, nothing should distract you from a rich media experience.  Pure Joy Home Theater provides the best in seating because what you rest on is one of the most important elements in the room.


Your theater seat goes beyond what a movie theater provides.  If you want to recline, prop your feet up or just lean back, we will make sure there is proper space around your chair so you don’t have to worry about distracting those around you.  The home theater seating we provide is constructed with the highest degree of strength, style, and support.  They are ergonomically engineered to ensure an optimal level of comfort.  With a wide variety of configurations and designer covering options, we promise you a perfect fit.



In situations where wall mounting is not available, professional-grade speaker stands are great options.  To maintain superior acoustic quality, they come with neoprene speaker isolation pads.  In the foot of each stand, there are push-in carpet spikes adding stability and a built-in concealed wire path hides speaker cables for a clean and organized appearance.


If you need the stand and speaker to be completely wireless, we can recommend a wireless speaker or create a way where wiring is never seen.



They provide a custom, streamlined-look for your entire media center.  While coming in many different sizes and colors, they professionally display and organize your media equipment in a safe location.


They incorporate a multi-volt power supply as backup, a quiet fan to reduce heating, AC power and surge protector, and front and back lighting.

We will assemble and set up your rack, media equipment, and controls so all you have to do is enjoy.  In the case you need to access any piece of your equipment, there are quick-release back and side panels allowing complete and total access to components and wiring.



Flat panel TVs, projectors, and screens can be concealed within cabinets, half walls, floors, the ceiling or wherever you need.  With the press of a button, your TV or projector can quietly rise up, lower, tilt down, swivel, and then return out of view.  Adjustable height setting and mounting brackets accommodate projectors of all sizes.


Many clients have chosen a “Panel Lift” that moves a panel, piece of art, or anything else on a wall to reveal TVs, safes, windows, or anything else you want out of view.  A quiet motorized cable rolls, raises  and lowers the object in a variety of applications.


Call or contact us today and we'll help you sort through the different options of furniture, speaker stands, A/V racks, and lifts.



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