Give the interior and exterior of your home or business an elegant new look, while enjoying added lighting.  Low voltage lighting provides accent lighting that can create a soft mood.  It can also be adapted for added security.  Low voltage lighting is normally waterproof so it can be directed to light all types of landscaping, rockscapes, paths, and placed in trees.  You'll love the soft glow they provide, both for the warm ambiance and the added light as you enjoy the great outdoors.  Choose from an array of in-ground lights, path lights, specialty lights, and even brighter flood - spot lights for added security that are activated by motion sensors.



Depending on your style and needs, you can have overlapping layers of light throughout your home (task, ambient, and accent).  These can be used independently or in combination create an atmosphere anyway you choose.  In the kitchen: the sink, different counter tops, stove top, and island are normally work areas that are best served with task lighting.


Ambient lighting provides general illumination throughout a room, hallway, and entryway.  Its overall wash of light fills in dark shadows created by accent or task lighting.  The amount of ambient light needed depends on how the room is used, the amount of natural light available, and the time of day.  Recessed down lights (or cans) are increasingly popular and provide the best ambient light along with chandeliers, pendants, and inverted bowls.


Accent lighting is able to enhance nearly anything in the home- a china cabinet, artwork, and architectural aspects of the home.  By incorporating various light sources and proper lighting design, it is easy to achieve the proper mood.



Many of our clients have invested in landscaping they want to illuminate so they can enjoy it while sitting outside or entertaining.  Low voltage lighting can be placed just about anywhere you choose: pathways, steps, below large shrubs, in trees, shrubs, and other garden areas.  Installation has a minimal effect to existing plants and is normally finished in one day.  We will help you choose the look, appliances, and placement of your new lighting, along with complete installation.


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